Covid Guidelines - October 2020

Cioch Mountaineering Club, as an official club affiliated under Mountaineering Scotland, can legitimately organise Day Trips for groups of up to 30 people from multiple households as long as we follow the guidance. We have listed some key points but the details are provided in the links at the bottom.

Key Covid Guidance

  •  Club must appoint a Covid Officer who has completed the Covid Officer eLearning Module (Chris Selley and Calum Craigie have completed the module).
  •  Each household must travel independently (we cannot do any car sharing within the current guidance).
  •  We must perform a risk assessment that includes the associated Covid risks.
  •  Physical distancing must be adhered to during the walk (this includes no sharing of equipment and food).
  •  Test and Protect Measures must be implemented for all activities.
  •  We must record and retain the names and contact details of all the walkers for a period of 21 days.