Club Weekend Meets

Club Meets


These are arranged for every month of the year and in the main these are in Scotland and take us to some of the most beautiful locations.  There are also special meets which are in addition to the monthly meet and these often take us to places that we may not go to regularly for example: Wales; the Scottish islands and the Lake District.



All experience levels are welcome – we have a number of members who have climbed all of Scotland’s Munro’s, some more than once, as well as members who are just starting their hill walking experience and have climbed only a handful.

Hill-walking can be a strenuous activity and you should always consider your level of fitness when planning your day.

Meet routes are usually arranged on the Friday night of a Meet and like minded groups then form – inexperienced members can seek advice on the best group to accompany according to their fitness and experience level.

The main element is that all individuals are responsible for their own safety.