Bunkhouse at the Roundhouse – Newtonmore

Date : 11th – 13th January
Spaces : 8 spaces
Cost : £36 

Book a Place
Come to The Glen Tavern on a Thursday night. Alternatively email Neil.


Newsletter from Previous Visits to Inchree

Newsletter NumberVenueDateLink
77Strathspey Hostel, Newtonmore12th-14th January 2018http://www.cioch.co.uk/Newsletters/2018-03 Newsletter.pdf
69Strathspey Mountain Hostel, Newtonmore8th-10th January 2016http://www.cioch.co.uk/Newsletters/2016-01 Newsletter.pdf
45Strathspey Hostel, Newtonmore8th-10th February 2013http://www.cioch.co.uk/Newsletters/2013-03 Newsletter.pdf
33Strathspey Mountain Hostel, Newtonmore13th-15th January 2012http://www.cioch.co.uk/Newsletters/2012-02 Newsletter.pdf
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